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03/12/2013: 5 posts, new theme.

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Anonymous asked: Hey. I have 3 brothers in hockey and I met my crush through it all. He's really sweet and cute and everything but we never talk besides after games. He plays hockey with my brother. Do you think it's okay to date him any ways? And what should I do to talk to him more?


Yeah sure it’s okay, just make sure you ask your brother if it’s okay with him first - or get the guy to ask your brother if it’s okay. :)

Why don’t you message him online to start? Or ask your brother about him.

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: So I've been with my bf for about 8months. we're currently freshman in college. but we started to date towards the end of his last high school hockey season. and I would go to all of his games and such and everything between us was perfect. now things have went a little downhill. towards the beginning of this school year. he's currently on a junior hockey league, balancing school & work. he's been a little distant and stressed what should I do to help him out?


Whenever my boyfriend gets all stressed out I take him out somewhere to have fun. Like the aquarium, or to a movie or dinner, etc, and we just have a really good time and forget about his stressors. It’s a big help and it’s good for him to clear his mind. You should always be open to talk and try to find solutions if needed, and ask him if there’s anything you can do to help. 

Good luck! 


Anonymous asked: OKAY. My hockey crush story: He plays midget AA in a town about an hour away but spends half his time in the same town as me. We met in shop, but now he does online school so he can do hockey. I used to hate him because I thought he was super aggressive and loud, but it's starting to grow on me. Lies. It's grown on me, and like, consumed me. I have the biggest crush on him. But he only talks to me really late at night.. (if you know what I mean) How to I get him to look at me like a possible gf?


It sounds like he thinks of you as (don’t hate me) a puck bunny. Usually when guys only talk to you later at night thats a big indicator, have you gone along with the conversation? I’m not sure what to tell you on that one, I myself would steer away from him if he was doing that to me. But it’s up to you, I would just tell him how you feel and try to have normal conversations with him to get to know each other better and do not participate in any late night talk.